Top 5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators

  1. Mind the Say-Do Principle. If your actions don’t align with your words, it’s a cause for destruction.  Communication is all about trust, and it’s better to say nothing until you’re certain that your actions will also follow through.
  2. Vow for Simplicity.  Information is thrown around 24/7, making simplicity not only powerful, but also necessary.  Effective communicators have the ability to turn complex thoughts and strategies into simple, memorable statements that employees can grasp and act upon.
  3. Find Your Voice. Don’t opt for the “corporate voice” that executives are so fond of.  Concentrate more towards being distinct and real. People respect real, and follow real. If you are genuine, then your employees will respect and listen to you for it.
  4. Be Present. Being present means you must interact with those whom your communication is directed towards. Email definitely serves a valuable purpose, but effective communication requires face-to-face contact. Make sure you’re spending equal amounts of time on every floor, starting from the ground-up.
  5. Listen In More Ways Than One. Effective communication is two-way. Good leaders not only ask great questions, but they also listen with both their eyes and ears.  Don’t be so focused with getting your message heard, that you forget to recognize what you’re seeing and hearing right in front of you.  Sometimes a person’s body language will tell you everything you need to know.

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